Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Victory Junction Gang Camp

Hey everyone. All is going very well at the Mott household. Cameron is at Victory Junction Camp in Randleman NC. Yes this is an overnight camp. Wow, how far we have come. This is an amazing camp that was created by Kyle Petty (Race car driver) to honor his son Adam Petty. This is such a great opportunity for Cameron at it is truly a dream camp with everything you could imagine. We are not able to talk with her but I know that she is having a great time and hopefully she is bonding with some other wonderful children. My hope for Cam's this week is increased independence and FUN, FUN, FUN.

We also returned from a trip from Baltimore week before last and it was amazing to believe that it had been one year since Cameron's hemi. We saw all of her doctors and they were very excited with Cameron's progress. They were also very excited about the progress she is making on her left arm. We still have a long way to go but she is using a SAEBO flex (device made for stroke patients) that allows her to do exercises to strengthen her arm. She also did Neuro Psych testing and analysis. This was really exciting b/c Cameron has a Normal IQ. IQ's are done on a bell curve and hers is within the normal range. What does this mean for Cam's? That she will never have an educator believe that she is not capable. We still have our challenges cut out for us. Mainly with attending or focusing for longer periods of time. The Neuro Psych bascially explained it like this. Cameron has less brain that she is utilizing for the same things that everyone else is doing and this can make her tired. Works for me. It is helpful to understand why Cameron is the way she is. ---------Amazing.

School starts at the end of the month and I will miss all of my time with the girls. They have been quite entertaining this summer and we have had so much fun. Caroline our four year old saw a large cross yesterday and said " Hey, that is what Jesus got pinned to". Another funny moment happened when Caroline came running into my room to tell me "Mommy, Mommy, Cameron is going to be a tattletale". "About what" I asked her. "I hit her". Casey promises that he will put up a little video of Cameron using the Saebo and some pic's tomorrow so take another look soon. I am also going to list some blogs of other families who have undergone Hemi's. One family the Hall's have created a hemispherectomy Foundation that benefits children that are going to college or other higher educational training. Please take a look and read the essays of the three scholarship winners. Love y'all. Shelly


Jayne said...


What a year you have had, huh? Glad to read such a positive update about Cameron. Hope to see you soon!!

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