Friday, April 06, 2007

update for Cameron (finally :-) )

Hello all!!

Happy Easter!!! Since our last update Cameron's condition has worsened some. We have not heard back from Hopkins on their recommendation and it has now gone on too long so we will follow up every week now until we get somewhere. Basically all the meds, etc. that we are doing now seem not to be working very well as Cameron is having more seizures daily now than at the beginning of this year. Plus when Shelly was at the beach last weekend Cameron busted her head open requiring 7-8 stitches after falling from a drop seizure and hitting her head on a table. We are now keeping a closer eye on her than normal as the wound heals and the risk of another fall is greater now than in the past 6 months. She is still a super-sweetheart of course and it breaks our hearts to see her go through all of this. Through it all though Cameron is very strong--for example in getting blood work done yesterday she did not even cry--tough girl!!!!! Despite all of this our faith is still very strong in God that He has a plan for our dear Cameron later in life. Things will get better for her eventually and we are so fortunate in so many ways. Caroline is an awesome little sister and loves to take care of her big sis whe she is having a seizure and in general copies Cameron in most activities. Treasure the years with these younguns as I hear they grow up pretty fast. Shelly & I are doing good and we truly thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers. Have a great Spring--hopefully the weather warms back up soon............

take care, Casey