Thursday, August 30, 2007

Amazing Cameron

Cameron has had two great days at school and woke up this moring and the first words out of her mouth "I don't want to bring my lunch". She wants to buy school lunch but I have been packing a lunch for her. She was singing the days of the week song this morning and really looks forward to school. Cameron is participating in most activities even regular PE which shocked me and she is coping well. We are very lucky for Cameron to be with her same teacher from last year to provide comfort and support and a good understanding of Cameron. Additionally, Cameron has a regular ed teacher whom Casey says reminds him of my mom. I guess that is why I felt so drawn to her and I truly believe that this is a wonderful fit. I was going to say perfect fit but I am learning that nothing is ever really perfect but it sure can get pretty close. I love the school Florence El. and it just felt so "comfortable" to me and Cameron.

After Cameron's first day of school ending at 2:30 she had therapy from 3-6. I thought she would tire and not be able to complete her sessions but she did amazingly well. She was hamming it up for Toby and Daniel the folks from the UK that are finishing up the filming for a documentary on the plasticity of the brain. The film should be done within the next month and we will get a copy to share with friends and family as it will most likely just air in the UK.

Thanks again for all of your support and love. It is our pleasure to share Cameron's journey with everyone as she truly is an amazing little girl. Take care. Shelly

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back to school!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very hectic morning and day (especially for Shelly) but Cameron started back to school today. Praise God for all the progress and blessing we have received to this point since Cameron's surgery!!! Here is a picture from before school this morning--notice the camera next to her on the right--our film crew came back for the 1st day festivities. Shelly will follow up with more details later.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Two more weeks of summer

Hello everyone. Just wanted everyone to know that Cameron is doing very well. I can't explain what it is like to be with her each day and discover with her something wonderful that she can now do. She gets this look of surprise and satisfaction on her face and it is a beautiful thing to watch. Her social skills continue to improve as well. It is very evident with in the way she communicates with Caroline-they are adorable together.

Cameron continues to make gains in her therapies as well. She is swimming each week with Jenny one of her PT's and for the first time in a long time she went under water and did not swallow. This sounds so simple but it is truly amazing. Before Cameron got sick she was a great little swimmer (similar to how Caroline is now for those that have seen her swim). Once the developmental delays started she couldn't seem to grasp the concept of holding her breath even though it was something she really knew how to do. Cameron was also sized for a more permenant AFO (foot brace) that will still give her support but is more flexible, we should have it in a few weeks. Once school starts our days will be very busy but Cameron should be up to it as long as she can cat nap throughout the day. During PT today Katherine her therapist was stretching Cameron while she was laying down and she fell asleep. Cameron also got a special bike this past week based on a recommendation from her therapist. It is wonderful to have this bike and Cameron loves it if we can keep Caroline off of it.

Cameron's golf tournament is now a month away and invitations will go out this week via mail and email. We will also keep you posted here on her blog. Many thanks for checking in and we will continue to update you on our many blessings. Love ya, Shelly.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Hello again

Cameron is still doing great and is progressing daily beyond our anticipation before the surgery. She is walking mostly unassisted but does need to wear a molded plastic brace on her lower left leg to keep it stable. Her personality is completely back and she is having fun again at those pretending things kids like to do. Her attention span is also significantly better given that she can watch a whole movie or kid's show without distraction. So far no seizures since right after surgery so that would put us at nearly 6 weeks without one. This has to be the main difference in her abilities now as no sedatives have been in her system since the days after surgery.

Thanks again to our Homebuilders Sunday School Class from JUMC for all the dinners since we have been home. We will definitely return the favor when others are in need. This awesome community and faith in God have made this experience one to share. Miracles truly still do occur. Praise the Lord!

take care, themotts