Sunday, September 16, 2007

Caring for Cameron Golf Tournament

Hello dear friends!!!

It has been a while since our last post which I guess is good news. Not much to report but continued improvements with Cameron and still no seizures since the early ones after the surgery. She is a true sweetheart and has a very bright future ahead.

The golf tournament Friday for Cameron was a huge success both in the turnout and the delay in the substantial rain that we needed badly. We owe a tremendous thanks to all of our friends who put this together for us as well as all the other volunteers and those who decided to participate. It humbles us to see how many people care for us and Cameron's progress. God's grace has definitely touched many hearts. My hope is that this has better prepared us to take initiative to help as others will also struggle with tough times, grief and sorrow. You all have been an awesome example for us. Thank you!!

Below are some pictures from the PBR bull riding event in Greensboro last night--that's right bull riding--ride 'em cowboys!! Cameron was selected by the Believe in Tomorrow Children's Foundation for a backstage visit with the cowboys and bulls. It was a really neat experience and we all had a great time. Go see it next time they come to your town--great patriotic family night with non-stop action and entertainment. The girls had a ball.........

love, the motts