Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hopkins visit last week

We are home!! Actually got home on Saturday after a week at Johns Hopkins with Cameron being hooked to the wall by EEG leads since Tuesday. We left the hospital Friday and came home from NOVA on Saturday. Overall our stay at Hopkins was good and we found out a lot of unanswered questions. Our doctor there is great--thanks Dr. Vining!!--and they were all really impressed with Cameron's improvement in her cognitive and motor skills since our last visit there in September 2006. Her seizures are about the same as when they reviewed them in September so that is the main concern now. She still has seizures daily and this is not good to continue on with forever. At this point we have no decision or answers from Hopkins but after we get another MRI here at Baptist on 2/20 Dr. Vining is sending Cameron's test results to an expert doctor in Montreal--she called him a "guru" in this field. Then once he reviews his opinion comes to them and then they review and give us feedback and information. So we are looking at probably 6 weeks before we here anything definitive about the surgery or not. The good news is we are almost done with the tests and the fact that they think Cameron has mad dramatic improvement. So hopefully we can maintain that progress and be patient because this is God's plan for us. We are in the best hands possible and that is all we can ask for at this point. Thanks again for all of your prayers---they work for us everyday.

take care, Casey, Shellly, Cameron & Caroline