Monday, June 29, 2009

Summertime Fun in 2009

Hello Friends and Family. Just wanted to touch base with everyone to let you know how Cameron is doing. She has completed first grade and is onto a busy summer. The first week out of school Cameron attended a Constraint Induced Movement Therapy Camp (CIMT) in Chapel Hill. Sounds really strange but it is pretty amazing. They actually casted Cameron's good arm (her right side) and they force these kids to use there effected side (her left side) through activities, art, and creative play. It was a wonderful experience for her and for me. I got to spend a week with other parents whose children present the same way physically. I got a lot of great ideas and support from these new friends and we look forward to next year.

We had a week off so to speak and now Cameron is at another Camp (overnight) BTW. I had a really hard time leaving her but I know that these independent experiences really help her grow in confidence and emotionally. I keep thinking about her and just saying quick prayers for her safety. I mainly worry about her tripping and falling so say a little prayer with me.

Once Cameron gets back we are heading to Baltimore for doctors appointments and the Hemispherectomy reunion. This is going to be such a wonderful experience for all of us. My mom, Casey, Cameron, Caroline and I will all be there with many other families that I have talked to alot but never met them or their children. It will be a major information gather session and it should be lots of fun.

Medically Cameron is great. She had an EEG about two weeks ago and everything looked good. Not perfect but good. Dr. Hartman is allowing us to get her off of Keppra completely so this is her last week on it. Then we just have two medications to deal with Trileptal and Depakote. Both of these medications have done well for her with minimal side effects. I feel really good about this and hopefully all will go well.

Everything else in life is moving along. It has been a hard 2009 but there have also been many blessings. In January we lost my precious niece Shelby Nicholson to a tragic car accident. This was a major shock and blow to our family especially her mom ( my sis) and my parents. While I have lost family members before, never has it been so shocking and someone so young. The reality of it has still not completely sunk in and on days when it does it is just very hard. My family has done many things to honor Shelby's memory one of which is a scholarship fund at Woodbridge HS. They gave away the first scholarship this year to a young man who was very deserving. Hopefully, and with God's help each act they preform in Shelby's honor will grant them a little more peace.

A major blessing is that my parents found a perfect home in Jamestown NC and snatched it up. It is very close to our home and I look forward to my dad's retirement and a less hectic lifestyle for both of my parents. That is it for now. Oh yeah, Cameron may end up on Oprah. Cross your fingers. They are wanting to do a story on a kid that has had a hemi so she is in the running but so are many other hospitals and children so we shall see. Also, you can become a follower of Cam's site and get updates when there is one (I'll try to do better). Love to all. Shelly

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

2009!!! It was real but goodbye 2008.....

another post with more detail soon but Christmas and the holidays were very blessed in the Motts in Jamestown house. Cameron & Caroline both "got what they always wanted". I have a great video that hopefully I can get posted here. Pictures are easy--here are a few recent ones. Cameron is still doing great with no seizures since the surgery--praise God!! Our little (big) miracle :-) Many thanks for all your prayers!! Horsie pics from her 8th bday present from dad.