Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Our Busy & Wonderful Summer of 2008

Video of Saebo Flex--go Cams

Vacation Bible School with cousin Clare

Beach Time! We love Florida and the Gulf Coast!!

Watching fireworks on the 4th of July with cousins at the beach. Happy 4th!!

At Gigi's house before heading to Baltimore for Cam's follow up

Girls acting silly at the aquariam in Baltimore....

Heading to Victory Junction Gang Camp!!!!

Cameron's room at camp--purple stock car bed and gas pump!! Go Pirates!!!

Vegas baby!! Outside of Cameron's camp house....

Another picture of Cameron's casa at camp..awesome place for sure!!

We picked Cameron up from camp today! We had not seen or talked to her since Sunday. She fished, rode horses, went bowling, did crafts, "rode" in a hot air baloon, went swimming, made friends, and had an super awesome fun time. On the way home she said "I wanna go back to camp!!" She is in bed early tonight so it was a full week of fun & games for her for sure. Thank you to the staff at Victory Junction for taking care of our sweet angel!!!

Here is their website if you are interested in learning more about the camp or if you would like to donate to this wonderful place for special needs children to have a week of just fun:


Stacy Nicholson said...

I love the video!!! Especially the part where Cameron ask to see in the camera! Too funny! What beautiful little girls!!! I love you guys!


Anonymous said...

Wow... That's really cool!!Keep us updated on how that is working for her! My daughter is 1 year old had a hemispherectomy at 9 months.She is doing so well. GOD Bless.

Kelly Dawson said...

GO CAMERON, We hope Abby gets her Saebo soon so she can do that too. Isn't funny how we both refer to the left hand as something else - she, sleepy hand, lefty?

Jessie said...

Jessie got her SaeboStretch in, and has been wearing it. It doesn't have a pediatric version, but the small works pretty well..not sure if any better than any other splint, however.

We hope to try the Saebo Flex too when she gets more strength in her arm.

We're so glad to see Cameron doing so well with here "Flex". Jessie says it looks like a robot arm. She wants one!

See Ya, Cris and Kristi

andrea said...

Great video. Go, Cameron!

The pics from camp look awesome. So glad she had a good experience. Is it something she can do every summer?

Anonymous said...

Gosh she is ADORABLE!!!!

Daniele Kay said...

WOW!!! God is good. Our little miracle. Cameron has just made so much progress this summer. She really looks like she has fun using the Saebo. She is so proud of herself and what she can do with her left hand. Very confident. That's great! I am looking forward to another great school year watching all of Cameron's accomplishments. Cameron is very blessed to have such a strong and supportive family. I love you all.