Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas

Hello to all of our friends. It has been such a busy time and we apologize for not updating you all sooner. Cameron is truly thriving and we know that this is a true blessing. Her school year has progressed very nicely and her teachers, therapist and nurse Sandra have worked hard to accommodate all of her needs. Cameron is now writing, reading, memorizing site words, learning sounds and socializing very well with her classmates. I have started volunteering in her class on Mondays and I am having so much fun. I usually do an art activity with the kids or I work with children on their reading. Cameron loves to see me there and I love getting to know the kids. In January with should be holding an IEP meeting with the school which will officially list Cameron on the Kindergarten roster for Mrs. Ketners class. We are so happy that this school year has been such a good experience.

Cameron continues therapy at the Millis center which we love. Her hours have been reduced from 10 to 8 per week which is a nice break. She is beginning to make some good strides in speech and she really enjoys being successful. She is so determined and typically hard working. Physically Cameron is so independent and is gaining confidence daily. She does this little hop skip thing, runs, gets up and down stairs, and really maneuvers well in her environment. She falls occasionally when she moves really fast and then gets tripped up but so far we have been lucky with nothing other then bruises. We are still working on independence at school but I know that will come.

We celebrated Cameron's birthday the first weekend on December with some of her little friends and it was a wonderful day. We had a princess party and it was great to see her with these other little girls. They are so kind and sweet to her. We also went to Casey's Kiwanis Christmas party with the girls and they got to see Santa. That was quite a treat and this is the first year that Cameron has really been excited and understood what was going on. Caroline is also very excited and knows which present under the tree is for her and they both can't wait for Santa to come.

We celebrated with Casey's family last night and it was so much fun. It is so amazing to see all of your nieces and nephews growing up. We will spend Christmas Day at Casey's parents house for a low key brunch. It will be nice to be there one last time and enjoy all of memories of Sophie and Papa in a celebratory way. Both of Casey's parents past away this year which makes the holiday season hard but we are also so grateful for the miracle of Cameron's health. May God help you to remember all of your blessings this season. And please pray for Matthew Griener our friends son who was recently diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. This is a name we have all heard but know so little about. There is no cure and very few treatment options. Please pray that they find the right people to help them through the challenges that they will face. Much love to everyone. The Mott Family.

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andrea said...

Have a great Christmas! Glad to see that you'll be able to honor Casey's parents this season and hope it is a happy celebration.